nhk cup 2023

Episode 3
1st to 9th July, 2023

tourney completed
RS 15000 WORTH Prize

First prize of Rs 10000 & Runner-up gets Rs 5000

RS 5000 WORTH Special Prizes

Special category prizes woth Rs 5000


Winning team takes home the grand mighty NHK trophy!

Congratulations to Airavata Esports for winning the NHK CUP trophy!

Kudos to our special awardees!

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Episode 3 Videos


Match Schedule


Alternate Realities


Soham Shiktode, Suyash Mittal, Pranav Bajaj, shubhankar sanjay hibare, Shrinivas Chalikwar 



Shamik Haldar, Prem Kumar, Ojaswee Ragesh, Sameer khan, Rohit Dhole

Airavata Esports


Arnav Singh, Raj Mondal, Rajat Roy, Srinjoy Basak, Shubham Upadhyay, Arijit Das



Anirban Banerjee. Soham Debnath, Biswarup Sarkar, Tanmay Mehta, devansh, Yashovardhan

W Gaming


Soumyadeep Saha, Diptanu Sarkar, Vivek Pratap Singh, Priyanka Panda, Aman Kumar, Nandan Debnath



Joel Richard, John Maron, Jershin, Mukundan, Prathiuviswak, Prince Watson



R Bharathi Kumar, T Shrinivasan, Piyush Rana, Harshvardhan Rana, Krushna Dharaskar



Arpan Gaba, Tejas Pant, Daksh, Pushkar, Mahesh

Gaming Core


Souvik Karmakar, Alokit Sagar Rana, Abhay Kumar Ravi, Sidhu, Ananya Vikram Singh, Srimanta Kumar Samantaray

Noob Dragons


Sarthak bhosale, Swapnil Kumbhar, Sunny baniyan, Suraj ramachi, Amit Pathak, Aryan goel, 

Artboard 1
Team Allegaint


Abdulhaq, Pratik, Lavik, Abel wils, Lavanya, Anurag



Rajdeep Mukherjee, Samiran Poddar, Punyayan Banerjee, Swapnanil Gupta, Sayan Sen, Subhadeep Poddar

Meet our celebrity caster!

Purujit ‘Odawg’ Chaturvedi
A Masterful Esports Commentator and Gaming Virtuoso!

Experience the thrilling world of esports with Odawg as your guide into the NHK cup and beyond. Purujit, a gaming prodigy since the age of 3, has dedicated countless hours to perfecting his craft, becoming an unmatched force in the industry.

With 11 thousand hours of experience in Dota 2, Purujit’s profound understanding of the game’s mechanics and strategies allows him to deliver captivating commentary that goes beyond the screen, captivating audiences worldwide.

But Purujit’s expertise extends beyond Dota 2. With a decade-long journey in FPS games, he brings a versatile range of knowledge and insights that resonate with gamers across various titles, enriching the commentary with unparalleled depth and analysis.

Purujit Chaturvedi’s commentary style is characterized by unwavering enthusiasm, razor-sharp wit, and a deep understanding of players’ mindsets. His vibrant and engaging presence brings the energy of the esports arena directly to your screens, making every match an immersive and unforgettable experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned esports enthusiast or a newcomer, Purujit’s charismatic commentary will ignite your passion and transport you to the frontlines of the digital battlefield. Witness esports like never before as Purujit Chaturvedi takes the reins and casts you into the heart-pounding excitement of the NHK cup season 3.

Join Purujit Chaturvedi, the masterful commentator, for an esports journey that transcends the ordinary. Embrace a world of gaming adventure like no other and elevate your esports experience to astonishing new heights!


Sandip 'xZheron' Chauhan

Organiser & Sponsor

Monika 'Monicqque' Singh


Nihal 'Nix' Bhatasana


Organising Committee

Tirth 'Selector' Odharia

Co-ordinator & Admin

Ham jaha pe khade hote hai, line vahi se shuru hoti hai 😈

Preetham 'LuK0Ty' Sanji

Co-ordinator, Caster

I looove fps games and study them a ton and i haven't missed a single vct match yet!

Amarta 'SiRKaR Playz' Sarkar

Co-ordinator, Caster

I love playing games like bgmi and valorant as well as love to stream

Harsh 'ARJUNA' Dalal

Co-ordinator, Caster

Arjuna The Yoddha

Soumyadeep 'VENOMWOLF' Saha

Co-ordinator, Caster

Eat Sleep No scope Repeat


  1. The registration fees for a team is ₹200.
  2. All fields on the form are mandatory.
  3. After successful submission of the form, admin team will get in touch with the captain of the team on provided mobile number to facilitate your fees payment.
  4. Team will be enrolled for the tournament once the form is submitted and the payment is successfully completed.
  5. First member of the team is by default captain. We will communicate with them for payment of entry fees, verification of team members’ valorant IDs, winning prize etc.
  6. Team name cannot be changed at any point of time.
  7. The prize money will be transferred to the UPI address provided by the team captain.
  8. The NHK Cup tournament disregards the organizations of the teams/players. The registered team will play only with registered players. Breaching any of the conditions will result in disqualification of the team.
  9. Internal team disputes will not be entertained by our forum.
  10. Join the discord channel for further steps(mandatory):
  11. Like, Subscribe and Follow the channels of our Organizer and Sponsors on Youtube and Facebook (mentioned in below sections) for tournament updates and to know more about other upcoming events.
  12. For any queries write to us at or
  13. Tournament will be held only if we have atleast 10 eligible teams registered.
  1. Any team that checks in on time but fails to join the lobby more than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time, will be disqualified.
  2. Cheating of any sort will get your full team banned immediately.
  3. No bad mouthing or abusing of any kind is allowed. Doing so can end up getting your team being banned and disqualified immediately.
  4. Don’t use “All chat” in game unless it’s about game and important.(To report a player for breaking this conduct, please send a screenshot of the offending behaviour to a tournament administrator on discord.)
  5. If someone gets disconnected or have any technical issue, maximum wait time will be 5 minutes and then game will continue without player if failed to resolve the problem. It’s allowed 2 times per team for a match.
  6. Follow admins instructions anytime they give you. Their decisions are final. No objection over them.
  1. 1. Only Indian/ Individual living in India is allowed in any team.
  2.  All your team members have to join discord server xZHERON.
  3. All team members must have GOLD rank in game.
  4. All members of a team must have their Riot account in good standing. This includes not being banned, chat banned, or restricted in any way due to toxicity, breaking game rules, or not complying with Riot’s code of conduct.
  5. Team selection is totally in hands of organizers, and no objection is accepted from anyone. If something legitimate you have to discuss you can talk in our discord server.

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